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March 14, 2023

Edward Jenner Attic Ghost


Edward Jenner Attic Ghost

In 2009, an incredible ghost photograph of a male apparition was taken inside of the Edward Jenner house' upstairs attic.

A heavy man, possibly with no shirt, is seen through the doorway and appears to almost be sitting but between the bed and chair. Was he a former servant who lived upstairs in the Edward Jenner house? Jenner lived in the house from 1785 until his death in 1823. He also pioneered vaccination, especially the small pox vaccine.

Docents at the Berkeley, Gloucestershire house believe this man could have been one of Jenner's servants.

Chris Sandys, a BBC photographer, took the photograph in panoramic mode while visiting the museum after the attic had recently been made availble for public viewing for the first time. Chris noticed the strange light in the room right after photographing it and tried to explain it (though he doesn't believe in ghosts). The photographer tried to figure out how the image got there and tried to debunk it without success.

The ghost photo, today, remains a true mystery.