Littlecote House: Haunted Hotel -

November 28, 2021

Littlecote House: Haunted Hotel

Littlecote House: Haunted Hotel
Littlecote House is a stately home in Wiltshire, England, that was the scene of a violent murder of an infant and became haunted by the ‘Burning Babe’. 

The crime took place in 1575. Littlecote was then owned by William Darrell, whose family had owned the home since 1415. Carrell was known as ‘Wild Darrell’ because of his debauched behaviour and outrageous lifestyle.

The story goes that one night a nobleman sent for a midwife from another village. He had her blindfolded and taken to the house. She was taken upstairs to a room where a woman was in labor and was insturcted to help deliver the baby. As soon as the child was born, the nobleman ripped it out of her arms and threw it into the fire. She was given a purse full of money and was then take home, still blindfolded. However, she had the presence of mind to surreptitiously snip a piece of curtain before she left. She also counted the stairs on her way out.

The next day she reported what had happened to the local magistrate. Immediately Littlecote was suspected as the scene of the crime. And investigation was made and it was found that the number of stairs matched the number the midwife had counted, and her piece of fabric matched the bed curtains in one room. Darrell was arrested and was somehow acquitted, causing a scandal. He died 14 years later.

The infant’s ghost, called the Burning Babe, is said to appear at Darrell’s Stile, the place where Darrell was thrown from a horse and killed. The site is also haunted by Darrell himself, accompanied by phantom hounds, and horses are said to be frightened by this spot of the grounds. Other ghosts include a silent woman who holds a baby and walks in the room where the murder took place; a woman who appears in the garden and a woman who carries a rushlight. Sounds of phantom footsteps on the stairs have been made by the ghost of a lady dressed in a pink nightgown with a lamp in her hand. Terrifying screams have been heard in the middle of the night coming from the bedroom and the landing where the murder took place.

Paranoral Investigation in Littlecote House