Live Ghost Webcams -

Live Ghost Webcams

Here is a great list of live ghost webcams. Live, 24-hour a day cameras inside a haunted places. Become a ghost hunter.

Willard Library Ghost Cam

The Willard Library offers three cams for your ghost hunting pleasure. The Children’s Room cam , Research Room cam , and the Basement Cam refresh every 20 seconds.  

Craig Y Nos Castle Ghost Cam

Get to know more about the Paranormal. Ghost webcams at the Craig-Y-Nos Castle hotel update every few seconds.  

Paris Catacombs Ghost Cam

Most haunted place in France. Many visitors to the catacombs have stated they have heard voices around them when no one near them is talking.  

BBC Lincolnshire Ghost Cam

Live ghost webcam snapshots from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. The ghost of an "Ice-Cream Lady" is said to haunt this place.  

Knickerbocker Hotel Ghost Cam

The Knickerbocker hotel ghost cam in Linesville, PA. Enjoy viewing this spooky ghost cam inside the haunted hotel.  
Ghost Story

Preston Castle's Ghost Cam

Many visitors in Preston Castle have witnessed slamming doors, falling objects, disembodied voices, and physical contact by unseen people.