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December 14, 2014

Favourite Grandson

Grandma GhostOne of my biggest experience happened when I was about 8 years old. I lived in an old house in Torrance, California at that time.
My parents were the ones that told me exactly what happened that fateful night. According to them, they were awaken by footsteps outside the house one quiet and warm night. My dad took out his gun and went outside to look around. There was no one there. They went back to bed, thinking nothing of what had just happened.
About a few minutes later, my mom heard my one-year old little brother crying. She walked into the bedroom and tried to quiet him down. Then, she decided to go get some milk for him. While in the kitchen, she heard laughter and giggles coming from my brother's room. She rushed there, with the bottle in her hand, and found my brother sitting on the floor, apparently playing with some invisible person. She placed him back into the baby crib and she said she was totally freaking out. She gives my brother the bottle and returns to her own bedroom.
In bed, my dad suddenly said, "Maybe it's your Lola Suling". My mom was confused and my dad didn't realised what he just said. Lola Suling is my great grandmother who lived in the Philippines. I was her favourite grandson - well, that's what I was told.
In the morning, my grandmother who also lived with Lola Suling called. She informed us that Lola Suling past away the previous night. I was next to my mom when she was answering that phone call. My mom's face went so pale. So did my dad after mom told him what the phone call was about.
How did my dad know? My mom reckoned Lola Suling's spirit wanted to see me again. But the last time she saw me was when I was about 2 years old. She probably had mistaken my brother for me. It's just so spooky.

By Steve