My Mother's Ghost Story -

December 12, 2014

My Mother's Ghost Story

My Mother's Ghost Story

This story happened to my mother when she was 18 years old, and my mother has never lied to me in her life.

My mother was babysitting a young girl at an old house in Paradise point, Australia. She had just finished tucking her in bed for the night and went downstairs to watch television. Some time later she saw the lights in the upstairs hallway turn on, so she headed back upstairs to turn them off, not thinking anything of it. About an hour after that they turned on again so she went upstairs into the little girls room. She was still stirring so my mother asked her to stop turning on the lights, to which she replied “I'm not”. Mum thought this was strange but shes not a tight believer in unexplained circumstances. Going back to bed mum fell asleep on the couch.

In the morning, the little girls mother returned after a long night of working, she saw her daughter wearing a new dress and thanked my mother for buying it for her. My mother insisted she had not bought her a dress and then asked the little girl where she got it from. The girl said ” an old lady woke me up last night and said she made it for me as a present.” My mother and the lady looked at each other and went to find out the history of the dress from a dressmaker.

Apparently the materials used where over 100 years old. They were also told that an aboriginal burial ground used to be in the suburb of paradise point where she lived, until developers built houses over it.

When my mother told me this story I got a shiver because I honestly believe there is more in this world than what we see.

By Danielle  (Gold Coast, Australia)