The Man Without a Face -

April 09, 2015

The Man Without a Face

Ghostly ManThis is a story that happened to me in December 2011. My friend lived with me at the time, and we would go for drives to 711 at midnight just for fun. This time, we took a detour into a rich neighborhood so we could finish smoking before we got there. This road was shaped like an L but with a mini cul-de-sac attached where the two lines intersect. I was slowly driving down the road towards said cul-de-sac when we noticed a man standing under the street light. This was immediately weird because: A. It was midnight, B. It was a freezing cold winter night, and C. He was standing completely still wearing shorts and a t shirt. We slowly came closer and started to get a better look. There was literally no facial features to make out. Just skin color. I thought this was due to my own vision impairment and asked, “Um, does he have a face?” My friend said no. We got closer and closer until I had to make the turn, and as soon as I turned the car away from him, my friend whipped around and looked out the back window. The man was nowhere to be seen. I have been back a few times to show people but I never saw him again. Everyone who has seen the layout agrees that there truly is nowhere for someone to dive out of view and vanish so suddenly.

By Anonymous