Shadow Apparition in Hallway -

May 10, 2015

Shadow Apparition in Hallway

Shadow Apparition in Hallway

I took this one particular photo of my cat as he was sleeping funny and I thought it was cute. In the hallway there is a black apparition that is in no was a reflective image or a shadow of any object's in the way. The photo was taken on my Iphone 4 with no flash. The property that I reside in is over 100 years old and I have a lot of activity. I have many other photos of figures in the hallway and other phenomena taken around the house. The activity ranges from faces appearing in the mirror that I have on video and photos of, horrid smells such as sulphur, taps turning on, doors opening, footsteps in hallway, voices, banging, clapping, whistling, lights turning on-off, the list goes on. Sometimes my cats become restless looking out into nothing....

By Anneka Jane