Football Team Scared by a Ghost Girl -

October 22, 2016

Football Team Scared by a Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl in WindowAbout 15 years ago my football team were on our end of year trip, down the south coast of Sydney Australia, near Woollongong. We were staying in an old farm house, property built in the late 1800's with a large Manor style house with an old stable converted into a bunk house. I had been there the previous year with my brothers team and we had heard a lot of creepy stories about the place and I relayed them to my fellow team mates, and the owners told us a few stories of odd things that had happend. One story that was quite sad was the story of a little girl who had died from a hole in the heart, she had been locked in her room and served dinner threw a latch in the door for fear, that disease what she had was contageous. They said her ghost still haunts the old farm house and the place around it.
Now it was about 9 pm and most of our team were playing around outside the main house, when a young sister of one of the owners let out a chilling scream which grabed all of our attention, and as she was pointing to the upper level window of the house, to our sheer horror a transperent figure of a young girl floated out past the window and then disapeard. The movement of the girl was un-natural for someone of this world. The fear and panic that came over all of us was so intense, it was like everything went slow-motion. Hours later after lots of comforting from the coach and some parents who also saw what we did, some of the guys were still crying and wanted to go home. In total about 25 people saw this and would still swear by it.
This was truely one of the best experiences of my life, scary, but still hard to top what I felt right threw my body to my soul.

By Anonymous