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November 28, 2021

Haunted Schrader Road Tunnel


Haunted Schrader Road Tunnel
There are two haunted tunnels in Chillicothe, Ohio, one being the Schrader Road Tunnel. It is believed a woman and her child died inside this tunnel. The manner of death depends on who you ask. 

A common version has the woman putting her infant on the railroad tracks just as a train approached. Another has her slitting the baby's throat and then hung herself.

The second story may bleed in to the alleged death of a second woman at the tunnel. This woman was murdered either by hanging or killed first and then hung from a tree branch at the north end.

Whether or not these deaths occurred, Schrader Road Tunnel has its share of paranormal activity. If you drive through the tunnel with your lights off and windows rolled down you can hear the cry of a baby. Sometimes hand prints are found on the back of the car. 

Other reports include strange sounds, shadow or apparition of the woman, laughter of children, cold spots and a dark figure with red eyes. The murdered woman is also seen from time to time.

Cry Baby Tunnel Video