Freddy Jackson's Ghost -

February 06, 2021

Freddy Jackson's Ghost

Freddy Jackson's Ghost

An intriguing photo taken in 1919 seems to suggest it may take awhile for us to realize we're dead.

An RAF squadron during World War I poses for a photo. When the photo is developed and they look at the images there, they see someone who wasn't there when the photo was taken. The man was Freddy Jackson, a mechanic who had died in a tragic accident two days before and had, in fact, been buried the same day the photo was taken.

Why did Freddy feel it was important to appear in the photo? It may be he didn't realize that he was, in fact, dead. Perhaps he was trapped in that nether world between Earth and the afterlife. It may be that serving in a war created such a special bond that Freddy Jackson just couldn't bear to leave his mates behind.

Even though the early part of the Twentieth Century was rife with interest in the paranormal and hoax photos weren't uncommon, the Freddy Jackson photo has so far never been debunked -- and continues to be one of the most talked-about photos in paranormal realms.