My Father Visited Us -

October 29, 2020

My Father Visited Us


Haunted Bathroom
My father died in a car crash. His head hit the windshield of his 1970 fastback Mustang, and he died from the injury. Now, he wasn't exactly a nice and gentle man, and his passing prompted many nightmares and unpleasant thoughts in me. These nightmares continued for weeks, until one particular dream/vision in which he spoke to me and expressed sadness at having to leave this world against his will. The nightmares stopped.

Years passed. I entered adulthood, married, and had sons, one of whom, Jack, looks almost exactly like my late father. I rarely thought of my father, and certainly never dreamed of him until one night in 2000, when I awakened from a heart-pounding nightmare much like the ones I had experienced decades ago, when the death occurred. I had dreamed of my father again, and he was there in my mind, vivid and alive once more. I was shaken, but I kept the dream to myself.

The next day my youngest daughter asked me what had happened to her brother Jack. She said she saw him walk through the house late at night, with blood gushing from his forehead. She said she followed him toward the bathroom to see what had happened to him, but no one was there.

By Peevey