Dead Girl is Back -

October 29, 2020

Dead Girl is Back


My family had this little girl named Catelin, way before I was born. You see, Catelin was a daddy's girl. My sister Miranda was extremely envious of her. So, one day my dad bought Catelin a puppy on her third birthday, even though Miranda had been asking for one since she turned thirteen. Miranda went to argue with my dad about Catelin's puppy. She said, "Dad. How come you give Catelin whatever she wants, but not me? I'm tired of her!"

She left the room and saw Catelin going down the stairs with her puppy. Her puppy started whining and started to squirm. Miranda told the puppy to be quiet. Miranda tried to grab the puppy from Catelin. Catelin started shouting, "No! My doggy!" Miranda said, “Tell him to be quiet, or I’ll take him to the garage." Catelin's puppy jumped out of her arms and ran down the stairs. Catelin started to go after her puppy, but Miranda grabbed her arms. She started to pull and Miranda let go. Catelin fell down the stairs and sadly died.

My parents had me the next year and made sure Miranda was nowhere near me. When I turned thirteen, my mother announced she was pregnant with another girl, which turned out to be a daddy's girl. When Cindy turned three, Miranda cried and cried. Catelin's puppy was a grown dog now and followed Cindy everywhere. We didn't know why. I was in the hallway with my friend Marisol, and we saw Cindy going down the stairs, Miranda was right behind her. The dog started to whine and ran down the stairs. Cindy started to go after him. Miranda just stared. Cindy turned and said, "You're not going to throw me down the stairs again, are you?" Marisol and I were in shock. We never mentioned this to her, or said it loud enough for her to hear. Miranda screamed, and ran to her room.

Catelin was Cindy!


By Marisol and Evelyn