MPRS Paranormal Investigators Captured a Ghost with GoPro -

February 17, 2021

MPRS Paranormal Investigators Captured a Ghost with GoPro

MPRS Paranormal Investigators Captured a Ghost

Michigan Paranormal Research Society (MPRS) has captured a holy grail piece of paranormal evidence. This apparition was captured on an overnight investigation at the hospital. The camera used for filming was a full spectrum GoPro. This part of the hospital had been previously used as an antique store, then closed off from investigators. Owners of the hospital recently opened up the area and are in the process of cleaning up and moving out all the old furniture and antiques. 

Short History of the South Pittsburg Hospital 

The Old South Pittsburg Hospital is one of the most haunted places in Tennessee. Built in 1959, the 68,000 square foot hospital sits in the South Pittsburg Mountain foothills on the site of a plantation destroyed by fire. Seven children perished in the plantation fire.
The history possibly explaining the hospital's haunting includes child abuse deaths, lawsuits, and wrongful deaths. The hospital closed in 1998 and became a hot spot for ghost hunters. Several ghost hunting TV series, such as Ghost Asylum, have conducted paranormal investigations at the hospital.