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February 17, 2021

Abandoned Ghost House


Abandoned House
When I was about 9 years old my two friends Angela and Tracey as well as my sister and I decided to, explore an old empty house which was up the road from where we lived. It was empty and being children we wanted to explore and be nosy. As soon as I stepped a foot into that house I had horrible visions come to me. My friend Tracy sensed the same thing and asked if I had the horrid feeling in the house too. Still this did not stop us and we continued to explore the empty house.

After a while of exploring we went into the back garden and decided to climb up a tall pear tree. The tree was large and filled with delicious ripe pears. It was not long before all 4 of us were munching away at the delicious fruits. All of a sudden I looked down at the pear in my hand and screamed. Large white maggots riddled the once fresh and clean fruit and I puked up. My friend looked at me in disbelief and asked if I was okay. I asked if she could see the maggots and she said no. I remember feeling a nasty feeling come over me, I also felt like I was going mad as only I could see the maggots in the fruits.

I then heard crying and yelling coming from the house. I glance up at the house and to my horror saw that in the large French doors was a woman with long black hair screaming and pounding at the glass. Next thing a thin tall man walled up to her and began to stab her in the back. Blood poured out all over the woman and the glass French doors.

I then heard a very loud bang sound and the man fell to the floor. I then looked over at two dog kennels that were out side in the garden and to my horror saw vicious looking ghost dogs coming out of the kennels. Their flesh looked as though it were pealing off of them. They had bloody mouths and sharp white teeth. I leapt to my feet and ran as fast as I could back to my own home. Tracy, Tahlita, and Angela came running after me – confused as to why I had run off crying. I told my mother and my father everything that had happened and they became very angry with me telling me that this nonsense has to stop and that I was not only scaring myself but also my brother and sister.

My father was livid as these sort of things happened to me a lot. There were many times when I would beg my parents to remove all my toys from my room as I could see them watching me and moving. My father was so angry at me for always being so afraid and he truly believed I was making it all up. That evening he dragged me back to the house and made me go through each room. He showed me that there was nothing there. To my surprise the man and woman where gone, the blood was gone and so were the ghost dogs. Still I could not shake the horrid feeling with in me as soon as I stepped into that house.

There were still a lot of belongings in the house left by the people who lived there before. He told me to take a few of the belongings and bring them home. I chose a doll for my sister and a painting of a young boy for myself. For about a week after the incident I could not sleep with that painting in my room. I would clearly see the eyes of the boy in the painting moving and he would pull horrid and wicked looking faces at me. I kicked up such a fuss over this picture that my father eventually took the picture from my room and burnt it in the back garden.

It was only years later when I was in my teens that my mother confessed to me that there was a married couple who lived in that house and something had happened there. The husband stabbed his wife to death before shooting himself in the head. This had happened months before my friend and I had visited the empty house. She said that it was years before anyone else lived in that house again.

by Natasha Chamberlin, Professional Psychic Medium