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October 09, 2015

Spirit in the Kitchen

Haunted KitchenThis story is true and happened to me in 1991. My family and I had lived in a house in Wallasey for about five years. We had always had a feeling that the house was haunted although we had not actually seen anything, except that my four year old son would not sleep in the back bedroom because he claimed to have seen a white cloud in there. I had been on an early shift at work and returned to the house at about 3.30pm, when I opened the door I shouted "Hi I am home". I looked down the hall to see the kitchen door shut, with the keys in the door. They where swinging backwards and forwards which indicated someone had just slammed the door shut. I shouted again with no reply and watched the keys in the door which continued to move backwards and forwards. To my surprise the keys then moved even higher to the left and then back to the right. I stood and watched the keys for about twenty minutes. What was moving them? I was just amazed, and in the end I ran to the door to stop the keys. My heart was beating so fast, I opened the kitchen door, but the house was empty. My wife returned ten minutes later. We moved house about a year later as we never felt comfortable in the house. I am sure it was haunted.

By Anonymous